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  • By janegr
  • On 22/03/2013
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We’ve had a couple of meetings with Lou Pendas and his team over the last few days.

First of all, since neither of us lost our jobs, there are no lost incomes to sue over. Nevertheless, Lou said that we can (and should) ask for a reassessment of the car, since the $750 State Farm offered us is simply outrageous. There is absolutely no service that can repair our old car for $750, nor can we buy a similar one for so little money. They said we should aim at around $3,000, since that is a more fair assessment.

Next, we can sue for the emotional distress caused by the accident. We did, indeed, go through a lot of hassles -- if you read my first article you will know what I’m talking about. Living for a couple of weeks with the thought that we might have to quit our jobs because we cannot get to work really got on us, not to mention the (slight) injuries we suffered and should somehow be compensated for. We're both still worried about the future, but Lou really brought back a ray of hope in our lives.

It will take Lou and his team about two weeks to prepare the case and file a petition, so I guess we will get things going around mid-April. Since we have a car to get to work, we are not really in a hurry anymore. I won't put any pressure onto them and let them work their magic on our case.

In the mean time, we should both get double shifts to cover for some days we took off from work when we had the accident. Another good thing is that we made friends with a neighbor who said she could look after little Angela if we could no longer drop her at daycare. She is a nice lady in her 70s and seems to get along with Angie pretty well, so she might cover for us for a week or so if we decide to take double shifts at the same time and none of us can stay home.

So, to wrap it up, thank you so much Pendas Law! We are pretty sure we will get a fair settlement!

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