I’ve got some pretty good news! :)

  • By janegr
  • On 19/03/2013
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I’m in a totally different mood since the last post.

As I was saying, we were worried that we didn’t have a case, and couldn’t get a contingency deal. Guess what – we were wrong!

We started the paperwork with a law firm that seems pretty solid. Here are some of the Pendas Law Firm reviews – what do you think? They deal with car accidents. The counselor we talked to – Lou Pendas, the owner of the company – said that we definitely have a case and, when we explained that we don't have money and cannot afford his services, offered us a contingency contract straight off the bat.

In the mean time we managed to borrow another old car from a colleague from work, so we will no longer have to spend a small fortune on trains and cabs. We'll see how we are going to make it up to him -- he didn't ask for anything in return, as he's not using the car anyway. We might even try to buy it from him once Lou helps us get a decent settlement check. But let’s not get false hopes and first wait to see how things turn around.

So things are going pretty much alright as of now. Let's keep our hopes high and wait for Lou and his team to do their magic!

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