Pendas Law Firm ROCKS!!

We’ve had a couple of meetings with Lou Pendas and his team over the last few days.

First of all, since neither of us lost our jobs, there are no lost incomes to sue over. Nevertheless, Lou said that we can (and should) ask for a reassessment of the car, since the $750 State Farm offered us is simply outrageous. There is absolutely no service that can repair our old car for $750, nor can we buy a similar one for so little money. They said we should aim at around $3,000, since that is a more fair assessment.

Next, we can sue for the emotional distress caused by the accident. We did, indeed, go through a lot of hassles -- if you read my first article you will know what I’m talking about. Living for a couple of weeks with the thought that we might have to quit our jobs because we cannot get to work really got on us, not to mention the (slight) injuries we suffered and should somehow be compensated for. We're both still worried about the future, but Lou really brought back a ray of hope in our lives.

It will take Lou and his team about two weeks to prepare the case and file a petition, so I guess we will get things going around mid-April. Since we have a car to get to work, we are not really in a hurry anymore. I won't put any pressure onto them and let them work their magic on our case.

In the mean time, we should both get double shifts to cover for some days we took off from work when we had the accident. Another good thing is that we made friends with a neighbor who said she could look after little Angela if we could no longer drop her at daycare. She is a nice lady in her 70s and seems to get along with Angie pretty well, so she might cover for us for a week or so if we decide to take double shifts at the same time and none of us can stay home.

So, to wrap it up, thank you so much Pendas Law! We are pretty sure we will get a fair settlement!

I’ve got some pretty good news! :)

I’m in a totally different mood since the last post.

As I was saying, we were worried that we didn’t have a case, and couldn’t get a contingency deal. Guess what – we were wrong!

We started the paperwork with a law firm that seems pretty solid. Here are some of the Pendas Law Firm reviews – what do you think? They deal with car accidents. The counselor we talked to – Lou Pendas, the owner of the company – said that we definitely have a case and, when we explained that we don't have money and cannot afford his services, offered us a contingency contract straight off the bat.

In the mean time we managed to borrow another old car from a colleague from work, so we will no longer have to spend a small fortune on trains and cabs. We'll see how we are going to make it up to him -- he didn't ask for anything in return, as he's not using the car anyway. We might even try to buy it from him once Lou helps us get a decent settlement check. But let’s not get false hopes and first wait to see how things turn around.

So things are going pretty much alright as of now. Let's keep our hopes high and wait for Lou and his team to do their magic!

I want my car back! :(

I know it’s totally weird to start an article and a blog like this, but I’m tired of what’s been happening to us for the last few weeks, and I can’t take it anymore. I have no one but my husband to talk to, and he’s really down as well. I feel that putting this on “paper” would clear my mind off the troubles and maybe get me some advice. So here I go.

We got into a car crash on March 2nd. Some lunatic crashed into us at 50ish mph and hit us from the side. I was driving and my hubby was in the passenger seat. We got away with only a few scratches and bruises – and probably several years’ worth of nightmares – and so did the other driver. The car, however, was totaled. The engine is wrecked, and the guys from the insurance company said there’s nothing that can be done about it. And here is where our trouble begins.

Since we are talking about a very old car – a 1989 Buick – we are only going to get $750 for it. They said that’s the current value of a 24 year old car – and it probably is, I’m not judging their estimates. However, that car was our only means of transportation.

We both work in a factory that’s 40 miles away from our town. We both used this car to commute to work, which is a lot cheaper than riding the train, which was the second cheapest alternative. The train is now going to cost around $150 per week for both of us.

Our 5 year old goes to daycare five days a week. We were using the old car to drop her off in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon. The train schedule doesn’t exactly work in our advantage – there’s a 30 minute window around 5 o’clock when one of us is supposed to get off at the train station, get to the daycare center, pick her up and then make it back to catch the next train. There’s not enough time for that, so we’ll have to get a taxi.

Now, if our math is right, one of us will have to quit the job altogether. The extra expenses are quite high, and there’s no way to get home or to the nursery if there’s an emergency.

I should add that we have no family members in the area to rely on, and getting a babysitter is way over our budget.

And, to make things even worse, it seems like there will be some time before we get the settlement check. Everybody says that State Farm has a proven track record of stalling claims for the wackiest reasons. That $750 will be barely enough to get another car – we don’t have any savings, and are almost maxed out on all of our credit cards.

In other circumstances we would’ve laughed at this and praised the Lord for making it alive. But the lack of our jaunty old car has brought us on the verge of despair.

We have thought of getting an accident attorney to sue for the lost incomes. However, again, we don’t have money. We have to find a contingency lawyer, and I’m not very sure we have such a strong case. But, as of now, this seems to be our last resort.

Well, now that I've written this I'm a tad bit more relieved. I'll keep you posted with how things go.

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